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VirtualMC Rules


Network Wise:
  • No cheating (no using any unfair advantage points in your gameplay)
  • No exploiting (report it and you will be safe from punishments)
  • No malicious client manipulation (motifying the integrity of your games client)
  • No spamming chat (do not spam letters, words or repeating anything more than 2 times per minute)
  • No advertising (posing url's, discord servers or other minecraft servers unless server is mc.hypixel.net, munchymc or litplex)
  • Do not inside (join an island with intention to steal items)
  • Do not dupe items (using exploits to duplicate or double an item)
  • Do not anti-stack (attacking a mob, changing its health data and preventing it to stack)
  • Do not use /fly in places you are told not to.
  • Do not warp trap people (kill people via trapping them on your island)
Free for all:
  • Do not use fly permissions from skyblock
  • Do not use kit items on another kit.
  • Do not use pearls to go into spawn
  • Do not use snowballs to bring people or yourself in/out of spawn
  • Do not use the bunnies feather to go into spawn
  • Do not use floaty dust (;)) to get into spawn
  • Do not abuse kit selector bugs
  • Do not logout whilst in /panic (for staff and youtubers)
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