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  1. OhKoda

    Denied Gooperdooper's staff application

    According to the server... You haven't touched the server for 4 days, 5 hours and 24 minutes. *last login from your account* That can be found here: http://prntscr.com/tf1dab Ok, I completely hear you and I think its great that you wanna support your favorite streamers server community. Also...
  2. OhKoda

    Denied Ho3s Staff application

    It looks like you skipped looking at the requirements because as @Rose pointed out above: I will be DENYing this staff application and you can try again in 2 weeks. But I will be changing the application word minimum to 500 words since I pushed it higher than it should be.
  3. OhKoda

    Staff Application Template

    Link your account with /link or /register on the play.virtualmc.net server before applying! Don't cheat please ok bye
  4. OhKoda


    The following items are the requirements for staff on the network. You must be at least 12 years old Never been permanently banned or muted on the network Have Discord (dis.gd) 24 hours played on the network (We can detect AFK hours) You must have a Google Account Application must be at least...
  5. OhKoda

    VirtualMC Rules

    Network Wise: No cheating (no using any unfair advantage points in your gameplay) No exploiting (report it and you will be safe from punishments) No malicious client manipulation (motifying the integrity of your games client) No spamming chat (do not spam letters, words or repeating anything...
  6. OhKoda

    Kit ideas - blarerings

    I was actually thinking about adding a bard kit if I were to add teams, but I might make it so most of the stuff you get is self defense and enemy offensive. possibly might change the server to have pot/soup pvp.
  7. OhKoda

    nerfing bitcoin miner

    Why are they in need of a nerf? So far what I have seen is at least 500k coming from 30 minutes of online time from 10-20 (1m each)
  8. OhKoda

    The Skyblock 1.0 Update

    Skyblock: /starter is now a command, it will show new players how to play the game. Minions are now back The store now has minions and a bitminer as the same category (specials) eu.virtualmc.net as a proxy is now stable. Vote Parties are now possible You get money from crafting items for the...
  9. OhKoda

    Leaderboard idea (for the kit server) - blarerings

    I can't add a podium but I can add an NPC, although I will add rewards with last suggestion. (rewards)
  10. OhKoda

    A reward system - blarerings

    I will have a weekly leaderboards system soon. Accepted!
  11. OhKoda

    Mystics are a little to op on the kit server - blarerings

    This was a bug and was swiftly patched.
  12. OhKoda

    Kit ideas - blarerings

    Accepting this but I will be keeping it here for more ideas for later :D
  13. OhKoda

    Idea for the kit server (again lol) - blarerings

    Currently does something like this but on every kill, should I make this killstreak achievable only?
  14. OhKoda


    Accepted and will be worked on.
  15. OhKoda

    virtualmc rocks