Survival Release

Survival releasing soon.
Survival released now!

Season Pass

The Season Pass contains many features such as early server access and in-game report bypassing to ensure the best out of your game (doesn't allow cheating!). It also includes a free In-game Skin Changing system for the Network. Along with Ranks on Discord and VirtualMC Forums! The season pass resets every 3 months, and will introduce more features for Season Pass members every time this event occurs! You can also purchase lower upgrades with less features so you can adapt to what you want! So do you want to get a taste of this? Just click here

The season pass will include:

- Top Rank on all VirtualMC Game-modes
- Will give you premium on VirtualMC Forums
- You will get a free 50% off on any purchase on the store (with code provided at purchase)
- Early Access on Closed Beta Gamemodes
- Premium resource selling access given!
- Network Trust
- Cheat Report Bypass (will not allow cheating)
- Toggle-able join message (for all games)
- Customizable Tag's (Colors for Premium or different tags like [++], [PASS], and [PREMIUM])
- Discord Premium Rank

- Discord Donator Rank - Higher chance on VirtualMC Staff Application (by 1%), all restrictions apply
- Private warps on SkyPVP for you and friends
- Will give you donator on VirtualMC Forums
- Exclusive Donator Forum Discussion!

This item will last 3 months and cost 60.00 USD including tax and processing fees. You can also do a subscription to ensure none of your items are taken away (ranks, tags and features marked as yellow will be taken)